Talk with Ethan of the Pirate Ship Haven

Ethan Doolittle be an old pirate from the 60's, taught to use the new signaling machine by his sister, Eliza. Ye can practice your pirate speak with 'im, but type slow for Ethan ain't too quick.

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Ethan be as simple minded as a rusty anchor! This be common knowledge. Please don't try to signal us to say he be dumb, or lame, or how to fix 'im. If ye don't like the way he talks, ye can change the code yourself. It's mostly guidelines, anyway. Just view source on this page to see the Javascript, and save it below decks on ye hard drive. Then try to command Ethan act any way ye want, but stand by for a mutiny!! :-)

Ye fine print: This Javascript code, based on the old "ELIZA" program, was written in the last century by Michal Wallace and significantly enhanced by George Dunlop. It was captured on the open sea-web and *pirate-tized* by Bill Kennedy in '05. There be copyrights 1n this code. Software Pirates, follow the code or else. Ye be warned!